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 Hi, I'm Richie! 

This year, 2024, I'm bringing swim lessons to Denver!

I have been swimming all my life in the ocean, pools, rivers, and lakes. In 2013, I joined the SAMOHI Swim and Water Polo team where I played for all of my 4 years there. I played predominantly as a goalie, but that didn't stop me from making some full-court shots during the season. In my second year on the team, I received the MVP award as a goalie for my quick reflexes and long-distance precision. In the springs, I trained on the SAMO swim team where I specialized in the 100m free and 100m back. During my peak, I managed to break 55s for my 100m free times. ​As a local SAMOHI 4-year Water Polo veteran, dry-land is my second home. I can offer first-hand advice on polo skills such as treading and passing, and also stroke refinement for the swim team.

Outside of my swim career, I'm also a proud Eagle Scout of Santa Monica's very own Troop 2. I first joined Cub Scout Pack-97 when I was 6 years old, and later joined Troop 2 where I received my Eagle Scout Rank in 2017. I learned a countless number of skills in Troop 2 that I use every single day such as leadership, working with younger kids, first-aid and survival skills, and grounded core values like trustworthiness and discipline. During my later years in the Troop, I helped to teach younger scouts how to swim during swimming merit badge classes and at summer camps. 

I started HydrophilicKidz 3 years ago in Santa Monica where I taught 200 kids to swim in the backyard pool of my grandma's house. I ran the program myself 6 days a week and had 4 other instructors working with me.  Since then, I moved to Denver to finish my physics degree at CU Denver. I tutor math during the school year and will be TA'ing the Physics II labs at CU this fall. 


Excited to guide your swim journey!

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