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  • Where are the lessons located?
    All swim lessons are at Richie's house, North of Montana near 17th and San Vicente in Santa Monica. My exact address will be sent to you in a confirmation email after booking.
  • How can I cancel/reschedule a lesson?
    You can cancel/reschedule lessons without needing to contact me via my website. Login into the site, then click your account name and navigate to the "My Lessons" tab from the dropdown menu. Here you will see all your scheduled lesson times along with options to cancel/reschedule . This must be done at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time.
  • What is the minimum age for taking swim lessons?
    Yes, all students must be at least 2 years old. This isn't to say that you can't go swimming with your infant somewhere else though. In my eye, for babies it's all about introducing them and making them feel comfortable in the water without creating fear. Some swim instructors have the ability to teach infants how to float and flip over onto their back so they can breathe, however sadly this isn't me :(
  • Are parents allowed to enter the water?
    The answer to this question is purely situational. ~95% of the time it is better if the parent does not enter the water as to help focus and develop the skills needed to swim independently. In some extreme cases of fear, having the parent in the water can definitely help reduce anxiety and ease a students transition from land to sea.
  • Who are Jackie and Nicole?
    Jackie is my younger sister by blood. Nicole is Jackie's best friend who happens to live across the street so she has become an integral part of our family, my honorary younger sister. I have spent lots of time training them to teach lessons safely and effectively for students of all skill levels. I initially needed help with the amount of students I had, however now I'm running into the problem that a lot of my students like them more than me lol
  • How long are Swim Lessons?
    All swim lessons are 30 minutes. I find this is a good length for the average stamina of a new child swimmer combined with my hyperactive instruction.
  • How much are Lessons?
    Lesson prices vary depending on the number of students per lesson and the number of lessons purchased at one time. You can check my prices by going through the scheduling process before checking out.
  • What are Richie's Goals for teaching Lessons?
    My goal for teaching lessons is to pass on as much knowledge as I can about swiming to those that need or in are a pursuit of it. Not knowing how to swim can be life threatening in a lot more situations than one might think. I want to help as many kids avoid growing up with fear of the water, but rather learn to love it and be safe around water. If you're a parent with some young kids, my goals are essentially your goals.
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